Portrait of David Vladyka, Caman Ambassador

In the Swiss Alps, on the heights of Val-d’Illiez during the shooting of our latest video, we met David Vladyka, a Lausanne-based director of photography for Absinthe Films and Caman ambassador. Can you tell us about your journey behind the camera? I started filming during my photography studies in Vevey in the late 90s. Being […]

The Caman handle becomes the S GRIP PRO

This year, the NAB Show in Las Vegas allowed us to be the closest to operators, who shared their filming experiences with us. We got a lot of precious feedback on the S GRIP PRO, the Caman control handle. That is why, as soon as we got back to Switzerland, we took advantage of new […]

Camille Cottagnoud’s ideal setup for documentary films

Freelance cameraman for television and director of photography for documentary films for over 30 years, Camille Cottagnoud has worked on many films and series tackling very varied societal themes. Whether an immersive feature film in an organ donation center or a film series showcasing the daily lives of winemakers, when it comes to choosing one’s […]

Caman : the History

Origins 2007 in Sion, Switzerland, Camille Cottagnoud is a demanding and creative director of photography. As an experienced image professional, he realizes that the video equipment currently available in the market does not provide optimal comfort. So he started to think about a tool for cameras that would best meet his expectations and make chief […]

We tested the Z CAM E2

Z CAM Over the past decade, the world of professional cameras has greatly evolved, especially with the launch of DSLRs. But recently, Chinese company Z Cam has launched a whole range of professional cinema cameras with interchangeable optics and equipped with 4/3 CMOS, Super 35mm or even Full Frame sensors. With impressive quality and performance, […]

3D printers : a new world

While some of us still see it as a futuristic object, others have fully integrated it into their daily lives : 3D-printers are now, more than ever, the topic of discussion. Contrary to popular belief, 3D-printers are not that recent, as the first models came out in the 80s! Nowadays, they are commonly found in […]