The S GRIP PRO is a customizable video camera handle which allows you to hold and control your camera using all the fingers of your hand.

The grip has 4 buttons and 1 joystick which are essentially pressure sensors. Using our app, assign camera functions to the grip and manage button sensitivity.

The added bonus of being able to make button combinations allows you to access a yet greater number of functions. And you’ll see, assimilating the commands assigned to the handle takes very little effort.

If you have played a musicial instrument you’ll find the parallel striking. Think of button combinations as chords.

The Caman S GRIP PRO allows you to have a good hold of your video camera, which gives you better stabilization in a sense, but it is not a stabilizer.

However, it can be used to control a camera fixed on a stabilizer.

S GRIP PRO mounted on a stabilizer Crane 3 to control a Sony Z90

The Caman S GRIP PRO uses the LANC protocol to communicate with the camera. It is therefore compatible with any Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Lumix, Z-Cam or even BlackMagic cameras which have a remote mini-jack input.

In other words, if your camera has a remote LANC ø 2.5mm input, it’s very likely that it will be compatible.

Click here for a list of known compatible models and accessible functions.

If you cannot find your camera or have any particular questions, get in touch with our team : contact@caman.swiss.

There are many ways of fixing your handle to a camera. It all depends on the size of your camera and your filming preferences.

Generally, you would attach the handle to a camera using standard Arri connectors or place the camera onto a mounting plate.

Illustration of the Caman friction system between the S GRIP PRO and the Caman mini rig arm

Illustration of the Caman friction system between the S GRIP PRO and the Caman mounting plate

Illustration of the Caman friction system between the S GRIP PRO and the Caman rig arm

Illustration of the Caman friction system between the S GRIP PRO and the Caman rig arm and its extension

The S GRIP PRO communicates with the camera via an electronic module. This wired configuration guarantees you’ll never miss a beat in your productions.

Caman electronic module

Yes, it is. The grip serves as a keyboard, while the module containing your settings serves as a communicator with the camera. Without the module, your handle cannot communicate with the camera, but it remains a very comfortable and sturdy grip.

Most cameras provide sufficient power for using the handle and the module. If necessary, however, it is possible to supply power to the module directly from an external source using the EIAJ DC power connector.

About the handle

We have developed a system of worm drive which allows you to adjust the spacing between the buttons so that the buttons always fall under the flat of your fingers regardless of your hand size. This makes it possible to use the handle in cold weather wearing gloves or mittens.

Grip extension system of the Caman S GRIP PRO

The grip is IP66-certified which means you can use it in the rain, in humid environments and you can even use running water to clean it, but you cannot submerge it. The electronic module, on the other hand, must be kept away from any water source, as you would your camera.

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