• Access all available camera functions
  • Pressure sensitive buttons & joystick
  • Caman patented resizable system
  • Fully customizable functions
  • Soft multi-layer silicon coating
  • Ergonomic shape
  • IP66 – Resistant to dust and water jets
  • Robust and safe wire connection
  • Compatibility with LANC* cinema cameras & camcorders
  • Electronic module with Caman technology
  • Fixation arm with standard Arri rosette
  • Multi-hole mounting plate
  • Caman app for settings customization


* : see technical specifications below

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The S RIG ARM is a good choice to mount a camera directly above the grip.

It allows you to easily change the position of the grip, with a simple gesture thanks to the arm two joints using the Caman friction system.
It includes:

  • 1 robust arm rig
  • 2 adjustable clamping handles
  • 2 friction rosettes

The S RIG ARM can be used with the S GRIP PRO mounting plate.

It can also be mounted on two threaded Arri rosettes.


Use this item with the S RIG ARM and work with more comfort, especially if you use a shoulder rig. This will allow you to change the position of your arm or your wrist, with a simple gesture, thanks to the Caman friction system.

It includes:

  • 1 robust arm rig
  • 1 long adjustable clamping handle
  • 1 friction rosette
  • 1 threaded rosette

Technical specifications

Package content

• Caman grip
• Electronic module
• Fixation rig arm with Arri rosette
• Multi-hole mounting plate
• USB cable
• Accessories


Any Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Z-Cam or BlackMagic video camera with a LANC remote jack ø2.5mm.

Non-exhaustive list of compatible cameras*
– PXW Series : FX9, FS7, FS5, Z190, Z280, Z90, Z150, Z100, X180, X160
– HXR Series : NX200, NX100, NX80, NX70, NX5, NX3, NX1, MC2500, MC2000, MC1500
– FDR Series : AX700, AX1
– NEX Series : FS700, EA50, FS100
– HVR Series : Z7, Z5, S270, HD1000, A1, V1, Z1
– C Series : 70, 100, 200, 300, 500
– XF Series : 100, 105, 200, 205, 300, 305
– XA Series : 10, 20, 25
– E2 Series
– URSA : Mini Pro, Broadcast
– Micro : Cinema Camera, Studio Camera

* : if you cannot find your camera in the list, contact us to check its compatibility.
The number of accessible functions may vary depending on your video camera brand and/or model.

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