The Caman system

Whether filming indoors, outdoors or in difficult situations, the Caman handle was invented by professionals for professionals.

The Caman camera handle

Caman, the video-camera handle
with infinite possibilities

Discover new technical facilities for your productions and considerably enhance your responsiveness in complex situations. Light and handy, the Caman handle is easy to use and adjustable to your hand. Even with gloves on!

The handle was designed, conceived and manufactured in Switzerland. This ensures high-quality standards and guarantees a responsible approach both economically and ecologically.

A customizable camera handle

Entirely customizable
to your filming habits

The Caman handle enables a gesture which was impossible until now : holding and controlling a camera without having to move your fingers around it. This is a real breakthrough in the field of film accessories. The Caman handle was conceived to be comfortable to hold and to be adaptable to your way of filming, under any circumstances.

Whether you are filming indoors, during a concert at the Opera, or outdoors at an extreme sports meet, you can count on the Caman handle. Resistant to rainwater, take it with you wherever you go and bring filming to the next level.

A customizable camera remote-control

Progressive and customizable buttons

We all have our way of filming and shooting. You should never have to adjust to your equipment. Simple of use, the Caman handle lets you focus on your main task : filming.

Four buttons and a joystick with customizable functions : thanks to the Caman App, assign your favorite camera-functions to a unique button or a combination of two or three.

Assign functions to the buttons according to your needs and the remote-control possibilities offered by your camera : The Caman handle can easily be re-customized to adjust to the requirements of the moment.

Shooting requires smoothness and precision. For that reason, the Caman buttons respond to a simple pressure of the finger, in a progressive manner : according to the function you have assigned, the action may evolve depending on the pressure exerted. Using the Caman handle is very intuitive.

Example when using the Zoom function : a light pressure will result in a slower zoom. The stronger you press, the faster the zoom will be. The more pressure you release, the slower the zoom will get.

Product features

The Caman camera handle

The Caman handle

The handle is the interface which will be in contact with the hand of the cameraman. During its development, particular attention was given to its ergonomics so that the end-user can focus entirely on his main task : filming !

The buttons

The handle is comprised of 4 pressure sensors whose action evolves according to the pressure exerted. For example, the zoom will get faster when pressure is applied, but will slow down if the pressure exerted is lessened. This technology requires a certain amount of adaptation and an intuitive grip.

The joystick

On top of the four buttons, the joystick enables you to extend the field of possibilities with a system of combinations designed by Caman. The joystick also functions by sensing the pressure exerted on the axis, upwards or downwards. Contrary to video game joysticks, this one does not actually move.


For an optimal user experience, Camille Cottagnoud developed a revolutionary patented system. The 4 buttons are mounted on a grip adjustable to the size of the user’s hand and depending on filming conditions (e.g., gloves, mittens). Using a system of worm drive, adjustments are easily made, even in the heat of a shoot.

Electronical module of the Caman handle

The module

The module, a small control box, is the nerve center of the Caman system. When using the device, it fulfills the role of communicator between the handle and the camera. It can be customized using an application both compatible with Mac and PC, which enables you to define the camera-functions to be registered with the handle following your needs and desires.

Multiposition Rig for cameras

The rig

The rig is the camera support provided with the handle. It is attached to the side of the Caman and, thanks to a system of nylon discs, can easy be adjusted without having to unscrew the ARRI rosettes.

Compatible with LANC protocol

Operation and compatibility

The Caman handle uses the LANC protocol to communicate with the camera. It is therefore compatible with all SONY, Canon, Z-Cam or even BlackMagic cameras, among others, with a remote mini-jack input.

The current version of the Caman module is not compatible with Panasonic cameras which do not use the LANC protocol.

Production with 3D printers


The module and the hand strap were designed in Switzerland and the production of the various parts making up the handle is carried out in Switzerland. Most of the elements are 3D-printed, as is the cast for injecting silicone. This innovative process allows for the creation of custom-made parts with great precision without wasting any raw material. This also enables total control over the fabrication process of the Caman handle.

Since the components are assembled manually, each part goes through the expert hands of our craftsmen, ensuring impeccable quality.

Our production technique makes the handle resistant to dust and water.