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Looking for more than a simple grip? Look no further.
Free your mind and unleash your camera's full potential
thanks to Caman's innovation and technology.

The S GRIP PRO is a professional and multifunction grip
which allows you to focus on your task
while your hand does all the work.

This reliable control handle is entirely customizable
to your habits and desires and affords comfort and serenity.

Push the limits. Cameraman in Swiss mountains with a Sony FS7 II and the S GRIP PRO.
Tailor-made grip

Tailor-made grip

Because we are all different, we created a unique system where the grip adapts to any hand size, including yours!

With an elaborate shape and with the Caman friction system, discover unmatched comfort on your shoots.

Make it yours

Make it yours

Be more instinctive on your shoots : choose camera functions and customize your S GRIP PRO to better meet your needs.

You'll be surprised how quickly your hand learns.

Swiss quality

Swiss quality

To reach a high level of excellence, we only work with quality materials and call on Swiss know-how to handcraft the S GRIP PRO.

Thus, you have much more than a simple grip in your hand.

Caman technology

Caman technology

Thanks to Caman technology, the S GRIP PRO electronic module allows you to explore new possibilities.

For the most demanding operators, discover advanced options to go a step further and push the limits.

Documentary filmmaker Olivier Halin shooting in the humid jundle of Costa Rica with a BlackMagic camera and a S GRIP PRO.
Camcorder camera grip in the sand. Car driving in the desert with no limit.

Caman's commitment
Always by your side

Caman was initiated in the Swiss Alps by Camille Cottagnoud, Swiss director of photography with over 30 years of filming experience.

Driven by the desire to find new solutions for camera operators, our team put all their passion and expertise in the making of the S GRIP PRO, a real breakthrough in the field of video camera gear.

That is why your satisfaction is very important to us. Any idea, any suggestion or question? Our team will be more than happy to hear from you.

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