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Every shot, every scene, every frame has specific requirements. Entirely customizable to your habits and preferences, the Caman handle is there to fill all those needs.

Robust and resistant to dust and water, it won't take long before it becomes an extension of your hand, thus giving your creativity full rein, even in the most complex situations.

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Ergonomic and customizable
for the film

CameraTools Ltd is a Swiss startup active in the field of audiovisual accessories. The Caman handle is a major creation, because it is the one and only handle adaptable to every user's hand size thanks to a patented system allowing the gap between buttons to be altered for a better hand fit.

With over 30 years of filming experience, Camille Cottagnoud, the handle's inventor, put all his expertise in the making of the Caman, a real breakthrough in the field of film accessories.


CameraTools Ltd (Switzerland)
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