Additional Caman Module


Do you ever work with multiple video cameras? Save precious time on the field by associating a module to each one of them and benefit from using different configurations for your handle.

Connected to a Caman handle, the module works with any video camera compatible with LANC remote controls.

Product Description

The Caman electronic module ensures communication between the handle and the video camera. It’s also where all the handle parameters you’ve set from your computer are stored.

Having multiple modules can come in handy on the field. When you work with different video cameras and you wish to have specific handle configurations unique to each video camera without having to change the current parameters from a computer, you can simply switch modules from one camera to the other.

The Caman electronic module was conceived for the Caman handle and is compatible with any video camera accepting LANC wired remote controls.

Box contents :

  • 1 Caman control module
  • 1 USB cable

Technical specifications

Weight 0.2 kg
Package content

• 1 electronic module
• 1 USB cable