Caman system


The Caman System is made up of the following items :

• The Caman handle, which enables you to simultaneously hold and control any video camera compatible with LANC remote controls. It can be adjusted to adapt to the size of your hand thanks to its patented system of adjustable buttons.

A two-arm rig, with a system of friction which allows you to easily adjust your arm position. The rig comes with a mounting-plate and a knob for the ultra-compact mode.

• The Caman electronic module, which ensures communication with your video camera and which contains all your settings.

• The Caman App, with which you can assign your camera functions to the handle buttons and customize functions settings, according to your needs and habits.

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Product Description

The system consists of three elements : the Caman handle, an electronic control module and a rig.

The handle is the interface between your hand and your camera. During its development, special attention was paid to its ergonomics, so that you can work comfortably and fully focus on your mission : filming!

Thanks to its control module, the handle is programmable and customizable to your habits, your camera and the conditions and constraints of your shoots. The module ensures communication between the handle and the video camera, as well as with your computer for setup from the Caman App.

The handle comes with a rig specially conceived for fieldwork, enabling you to be reactive. While it fits compactly in a backpack when folded, it can also be unfolded in an instant to film the most unexpected moments.

Upon reception, you’ll have in your hands a device ready for immediate use, mounted and configured with factory settings, allowing you to enjoy using your Caman handle without further delay.

Box contents :

  • 1 remote handle
  • 1 control module
  • 1 two-arm rig with a mounting plate
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 screw for use in ultra-compact mode(1)
  • The Caman App(2) software

(1) : when using the handle directly fixed on to the side of the mounting plate (without rig)
(2) : download link

Technical specifications

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 21 × 11 cm
Package content

• 1 Caman handle
• 1 electronic module
• 1 professional Rig
• 1 USB cable


4 (pressure sensors)


1 (pressure sensor)


Any Sony, Canon, Z-Cam or BlackMagic video camera with a remote jack.

Non-exhaustive list of compatible cameras*
– PXW Series : FX9, FS7, FS5, Z190, Z280, Z90, Z150, Z100, X180, X160
– HXR Series : NX200, NX100, NX80, NX70, NX5, NX3, NX1, MC2500, MC2000, MC1500
– FDR Series : AX700, AX1
– NEX Series : FS700, EA50, FS100
– HVR Series : Z7, Z5, S270, HD1000, A1, V1, Z1
– C Series : 70, 100, 200, 300, 500
– XF Series : 100, 105, 200, 205, 300, 305
– XA Series : 10, 20, 25
– E2 Series
– URSA : Mini Pro, Broadcast
– Micro : Cinema Camera, Studio Camera

* : if you cannot find your camera in the list, contact us to check its compatibility.
The number of accessible functions may vary depending on your video camera brand and/or model.